Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Texas Highlights...{ Texas Traveling Photographer}

One of the things we were able to do while in San Antonio was go on the River Walk Boat Tour at night... What an amazing experiance! We saw some beautiful art, lights and learned quite a bit of information I am sure we would not have known otherwise!

Can you go to Texas and not see The Alamo? If you look right behind it to the right that is the Davey Crockett hotel, he stayed in... Known as the Tower of the Americas...... I thought this was beautiful!

What an awesome way to see the city at night... I would have loved to go on these, but we didn't have time.

Taken on the River Walk Night Tour...


Cori said...

Um yeah!!! I love these and want some copies missy!!! PLEASE!!! See I am asking nicely. No, I love the shots. You got my favorite buildings and I love the shot of the Alamo with the Crockett Hotel over the edge. Great shot. Love them all. That was a great night. We will have to do that again someday!

Brittany said...

Jode! Love the images!!! The one of the Alamo, the tower, and the horse and carriage are so cool. Great job!!! Makes me want to go visit.

Jody Cooper Photography said...

I was born in San Antonio . . lived there for a short time until we moved away to the Houston area. I would love to go back with my gear and take some shots. Great work Jody . . nice stuff :) Jim

Leslie said...

What beautiful picture Jody!!! I too have done the river walk and saw the Alamo. That river walk is just soooooooo cool!!! I loved it! :) your pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!! :)


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