Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gabby! {Albuqerque Senior Photographer}

Meet Gabby, the Senior I worked with today! She did such an awesome job, she is truly a beautiful girl both inside and out!

Gabby- a huge thank you to you and your parents, I know you have a lot of choices so Thank You so much for letting me help make your memories!

this girl thou... love it!
just YES!

even just simple, she is beautiful! she made my day so easy

sometimes you just have to do an Artsy one! I love this miss Gabby
her mom's idea, love it!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Havel Family {Wyoming Family Photography}

I LOVE this family! this was my fifth time shooting them and just like the past 4 times they did a great job! the boys are my favorite, they just do what I tell them too :) and I love that Marie comes up with great themes for me to shoot them in!
Thank you Marie and Zach for letting me document the boys as they grow! I plan to be back in 2 years for Ryan!
This may be one of my all time favs!


Tyler {Wyoming Senior Photography}

I have known Tyler since 2004! He is a Senior at Central, and one of my favorite kids to "shoot" he always does what I ask him to. Thank you Tyler for letting me shoot you, and we didn't even do "lame poses" :)

mine and Tyler's set up, my editing, his dad shot it, because there were a ton of bees! eek!


Ciana... {Wyoming Senior Photography}

Meet Ciana, a South High Senior! She is in marching band, and really enjoys it. Thank you for letting me "shoot" you Ciana! you are awesome!


The Torrez Family {Wyoming Family Photography}

This was the second time I got to work with Cindy and her awesome kids! I love shooting them, they all just go with the flow and do what I ask them too :) Cindy, thank you for letting me help make memories for you and your kiddos!
I love this!

Love this!

Worrells {Wyoming family photography}

Wendy and Don were actually a Wedding Couple of mine in 2012, we did a mini Christmas session :) I love working with them, Don is a funny guy, poor Wendy wanted one nice smile, I was so happy we got her a few!

Literally LOL... I love these 2, I love working with them, and this is priceless~

we had to include their fur babies :)

Wendy, he smiled and not goofed around :)

Love me some red door!


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