Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tasha and Andy's Big Day! {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

Meet Tasha and Andy.. my couple from this weekend.. they have had an adventure from the start, as their wedding was in the forest in colorado, where some of the fires have closed the roads down... but at the end of the day, they had a gorgeous day and beautiful wedding!

Andy and Tasha: Thank You so much for choosing me to do your big day, it was my honor to be there :) 
The best thing about having a bride willing to do such things! This is simply beautiful!
There was such irony is this... We had to get a picture!
sooo very cool beans!
One of my favorite shots!
Andy and Bri.. this was the best smile from them both all day!
for their blended family.. they chose sand :)
LOVE the rings and the Bible..
Just because I can.. another of her dress!
My Awesome Couple..
The Bridal Party... They are all such cuties!
Tasha and her ladies.. they were so fun!
Andy and the "guys" .... I love that his sister was the Best Man!
Andy's sister added the cotton ball for the belly... :)
during the ceremony...
The Venue..
Flowers and Decor... Very Pretty!

Zac.. Class of 2013! { Wyoming Senior Photographer}

Meet Zac, a senior I had the privelage of photograghing yesterday in Wyoming! He was so fun to work with.. even thou he finds picture taking tortuous! :)

this is one of my favorites!
what a handsome guy!
I thought he looked great both smiling and unsmiling :)
This is one of my favs!
He did a great job.. especially in the heat!
I love this bridge.. Zac looks good too!
This was a very cool backdrop!

Tasha and Andy's addition... {Colorado Maternity Photographer}

The weekend of the Wedding, we decided to shoot a Maternity session as well.. they are the cutest family, and while they have no idea what the sex of the baby is (they decided not to find out) Big Sister B thinks it's a boy! :)

I had so much fun "shooting" this family all weekend..

love, love, love the belly and hands shot!

Andy is a huge "no head" fan :) I loved this one!
This is very fitting for them..
I love her... she was giving the baby hugs :)
this swing has been in Andy's family for years :) plus they needed a funny face one!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don and Wendy {Estes Park Wedding Photographer}

Meet Wendy and Don.. the awesome couple I had the privelage of shooting last Saturday in Estes Park, Colorado of all places! Their family is so cute, and were so great to work with!

Wendy and D: it was truly my honor to be there.. thank you so much for allowing me to capture the biggest moments of the day! I hope you love the images as much as I do!

For Blended families.. Wendy wanted something different and Unique!
I love them.. they were so awesome to work with!
The Bride, Bridemaids, and Flower Girls.. :)
Love shoes and rings... 
So Random.. I love it!

LOVED her dress..
The Bride and her Ring Barrier..
Simply Breathtaking..
The W. Family.. :)
Her handmade Bouquet..
Even thou you can see Wendy's Sunburn.. this picture was too good, not too share!
The Awesome Shoe Pose..
The Wedding Party..

Don and Wendy... {Estes Park Wedding Photographer}

The Venue in the day.. Loved this Whole Area! 
The Venue at night...
How Teenagers "Roll" at Weddings.. Ipods and Texting!
Just Awesome!
Even thou this isn't necessarily beautiful.. I loved the Simplicity in it!

Cake on the face.. is the best!


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