Thursday, July 31, 2014

Handsome Boys! { Albuquerque photographer}

While back in ABQ, I had the privilege of working with Paul and Tracy again! I did their Wedding, and now have loved watching their family grow!
I love working with you guys! thank you for allowing me to help capture your families memories!
I would totally make this a large print or on canvas :)
giving his big brothers kisses... I LOVE these!
Mason, Junior
Dylan, Freshman
 Seriously.. he is this cute!

Miss Jody's Version
Landon's version :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Arensmeyer Family {DC family photographer}

A few years ago, when we were stationed in Germany I had the privilege of meeting Tamra and her husband Jon. They were my first maternity clients, then my first newborn one as well :) the newborn is now a 7 year old beautiful princess! I love that I got to "shoot" them before leaving the DC area!
Tamra, your family is beautiful thank you for sharing them with me!
I LOVE this picture!
what a bunch of cuties!
Very Cool Beans!
I wanted Tamra to have this style this time :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tina...{cheyenne family photographer}

what a great family to shoot :) it was nice to meet all your family Tina!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

three cuties! {cheyenne family photographer}

Today, I got to spend the afternoon with a great family, I have known since birth :) I used to babysit both Jamie and James as kids, shooting their kids, was so much fun! We had a few 2 year olds, not to sure about this whole picture taking thing, but those tend to make the best shots!
This may be one of my all time favorites to date! I see it on a huge canvas! :)
Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Spouse and kids = Family! :)
I simply LOVE this..
The Kuhns.. What a sweet family
The Litvinoff's...such cuteness!  
Grandma, Papa and grandkids.. so cute!
Cousin Emma helping Nathan smile... LOVE!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Family Reunion {Estes Park Photographer}

My good friend Marie and her family had a Reunion in Estes Park, and I got to photograph them! Thank you so much Marie for sharing your family with me! They were all great to work with and what cute families they all have!
Marie's Older brother's family... I did NOT tell them to do this, they just did! which means it is my favorite!
Marie and her family....
Marie's Older Sister and her family!

Marie's younger sister and her family...
Marie's Older Sister and her family...
We are Family! So many of them :)
The Havels are one of all my favorite families ever!
Grandparents with all their babies...


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