Monday, June 29, 2009

Michelle and Olin.. {Albuquerque & Santa Fa Wedding Photographer}

Meet Michelle and Olin... well for the second time! They were as gorgeous today as they were at their engagement session! I loved her coloring, her decor was beautiful, and will be using at least 6 images from this amazing ceremony on my website!
Michelle and Olin, Thank You for allowing me to share the best day of your lives with you. You have a beautiful family, great personalities, and awesome friends and family. It was truly my honor to be there!
When Michelle hired me back at the first of the year she told me they were a "Yours Mine and Ours" Family! And what a beautiful family at that they are~! The bridal party was pretty amazing themselves! We had great laughs trying to get all of the adults, never less a 7 month old, 3 year old and 4 year old who were soooo done by this time! I thought they did pretty well! :)
As Michelle and Olin were on the way down to me, a spectator from the hotel whistles... Olin and Michelle, had the most sincere smiles on their faces as Olin lifted his hand in a Right On Greet! As many of my brides do, Michelle wanted my Signature Couple Pose, I always try to do it a tad different every time, I love their version!


Brittany said...

Adorable couple and great images! You did a wonderful job and your lighting and coloring was fantastic! You have such a great eye and capture weddings so beautifully!

Katie&Ella said...

Beautiful couple! They are going to be VERY happy with thier album! :-)

Jody Cooper Photography said...

Love them fave is them walking down the sidewalk. Fabulous work as always!! Amanda

Jody Cooper Photography said...

Oh so Beautiful Jody. As always you rock! Norma

Cori said...

I love the pictures Jody! They turned out super nice and love them running or walking fast toward you. Plus the daughters dress hanging there. OH how sweet!!!! Great job as always.


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