Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hope and Austin {Albuquerque Engagement Photographer}

Meet Hope and Austin..... one of my 2010 Wedding Couples. I met them way back in November, with Hope and I hitting it right off. I was so excited to photograph them Sunday, they were so fun, relaxed and willing to lay in damp grass :) I can't wait to photograph their Wedding in June!

Hope and Austin, I am biased to my own clientele, but you guys were so cute! Thank You for hiring me to photograph the best day of your lives!
When they went to lie on the grass, it was a tad damp, but I knew the outcome, was so worth it!
My Signature Engagement it!
I loooovvveee these kind...

You know me and half body images, I think they are awesome!
I loved that you could see their reflection in the pond....

I included this one, just for FUN... they were so cute!



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