Monday, September 7, 2009

Nicole's Birthday...{New Mexico Quienceanera Photographer}

Meet Nicole.... this beautiful young lady celebrated her 15th birthday with a traditional Quienceanera! She, her ceremony, and her reception were beautiful! Thank you Nicole for allowing me to take part in such an awesome day in your life... You and your family and friends were great to work with...

I loved, loved, loved how fun these teens were to work with... and Converses with formal wear... Priceless :)



Jody Cooper Photography said...

"I love the pics. You really captured the essence of the party."

Jody Cooper Photography said...

I love these photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do such a wonderful job ! You are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Barb~

Cori said...

These are so pretty!!!! You did a awesome job. LOVE THE SHOES and love how you were able to capture the culture of how the Hispanic Heritage celebrates the coming of adulthood. Awesome Pictures as always!!! Just so cute! I love them. Cori

Jody said...

"How cool!! I've been waiting for the photos to be posted b/c I didn't know what a Quienceanera was! So beautiful! Poor parents tho -- looks almost as expensive as a wedding!" Susan ~


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