Monday, August 31, 2009

Waiting for Claire.... {Albuquerque Maternity Photographer}

Meet a friend of mine Amber and her husband Dexter... they are the cutest couple, and we did a mini session yesterday at Amber's baby shower. Ms. Claire's nursery is beautiful, as I am quite certain she will be! We are all anxiously waiting for her arrival....



Jody said...

i want you to do my next baby's photos!!! Where are you and what's your charge??? (I'm serious)

Jody said...

I think this is my favorite picture ever! You seriously need to submit it for an award or something!!!

Jody said...

I love this one!!!!! Actually I do love all three of them!! Thank you for tagging me in them though so that I can at least mke it my profile!! haha!!

Cori said...

As always Jody. The pictures are really sweet and precious. You know when we were young and pregnant together, you taking our photos would have been good!! Just a thought. If only you and I could go back and have maternity pics and wedding pics again. Wouldn't that be so cool!! They are awesome and I am sure Amber and her husband will cherish them always. Cori

Jody said...

"I love the "heart" tummy shot -- my fav!!!" Susan ~


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