Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Engle Family...

Meet The Engle Family.... this is the family I had the opportunity to work with in Washington DC about a month ago. Their friends and family were great to be around and welcomed us right into their home. Their youngest son, grew to love Mr. Kevin, and wrestling with him.
The Retirement Ceremony was beautiful and very bittersweet for me, as Kevin is due to retire himself in 2 years. Thanks to The Engles for allowing me to take part in your day!


Jody Cooper Photography said...

"She does fantastic work and is worth every dollar. Hey do I get a preview on your website? It's killing me." Dana

Jody Cooper Photography said...

Thank you for your hard work. Cannot wait to see all the pictures. I am looking forward to having you do Aly's Senior shoot in Colorado. The sneak preview was great. I am going to use that photo for her 16th birthday cake.


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