Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding Season is Near....{Albuquerque Wedding Photographer}

We are getting to what has become my favorite season....Wedding Season! I love Weddings and all they entail! I am already being booked, so please keep in mind to book your photographer sooner rather than later! I look forward to working with all my Wedding Couples!
February Booked, March is open, April 4 and 12 booked, May 3 and 10 are booked, June 27 and July 12 and 25 are all booked as well! Contact me for your Big Day! 301-266-5109


Nelson Family of 7 said...

So excited for you Jody! I know how much you love taking wedding pictures and looking forward to seeing some on here! Have fun!

Leslie said...

I am soooo happy for you Jody!! how fun to do so many wedding's!! what a special time in those peoples lifes you get to whitness and capture their love and happiness!! Can't wait to see you post some of them! love this picture!! =)


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