Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And The Winner Is...{Albuquerque Childrens Photographer}

Last night at my church, Grace Outreach, for ladies night they did a Home Business Showcase~ What a great opportunity for what I like to call "Mommy Business" to show what we do. I think it's so important to support other mom's and what a great way to share with others your talents and abilities! To view all the Mommy Business I support please visit this link.

The hit of the night was "My 6 Pride and Joys" on Canvas! I am so glad this is my new item, and is also one of my favorite shots not only professionally but also as a mother! To view previous comments click Here


Nelson Family of 7 said...

That is awesome Jody! I LOVE this picture-I have loved it since you first posted it! Glad that you got an opportunity to show off your work!

Aimie said...

This is my absolute favorite picture! I want one of our family like that!

Jody Cooper Photography said...

They are great picts!! I think my favorite is the b&w of the parents and baby's hand!! that is neat!! Oh and the feet on the edge of the bed!! Very creative!!


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