Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Havels.. {Wyoming Family Photographer}

Meet The Havels... again! They say 3rd times a charm.. Well this is the third time I have gotten to work with them! We met in Germany, where we became friends, and they just happen to be from the same place I am, so we get to see one another still. Not as often as we'd like but it's better than never!

Marie and Zach, Thank You for choosing me to shoot you guys everytime. I love working with y'all! :) I love the theme you chose!
I LOVE this!
This one I posted just for Marie... She tends to love walking ones! ;)
I seriously LOVE this!
They are truly 2 of my favorite people to "shoot"
Cody is one of my favorite people in the world.. He holds a special place in my heart, and even after all this time he did a great job with me! Thanks Cody
When you have 3 boys.. this is how you roll.. Trees :)
They let me boss them around and still did a great job! Thanks Boys!
Dad and the Boys..
Mom and her Boys...

All Images taken at The Wyoming Hereford Ranch!

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