Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lisa and Dan {Albuquerque Wedding Photographer}

I love Weddings...they are truly my favorite part of the job... this time, I had an advantage, I go to church with both the Bride and Groom! They are great people, and have the best personalities! Lisa and Dan, I hope you love your images as much as I do.... Thank You for choosing me to shoot your lifetime memories, it was my honor to be there..

I am sure I am biased, as I know most of the bridal party... but I love their colors... Beautifully done! *my favorite part of this shot, is in the mirror!
Dan and his guys! I love how kicked back they all were.

Lisa and her ladies... I love these girls, they were so fun to hang out with all day

I am a huge sucker for these light posts!

I love this shot!

Lisa, Dan and their kids.... so cute!

Story behind this shot, they were going to pretend to jump because as a group that is what they had all decided, however, the groomsmen accidentally fell over...:) made for genuine smiles, which are the best!
I love this!

Beautiful Bride and Groom

Lisa.... made a beautiful bride!
Dan made a handsome groom!


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